Performance on Sutton High Street 24th November

I regret to inform those that planned on coming to hear us play at the Sutton event on the 24th November that we will not be able to play. Sutton have just told us that we have been allocated 20 minutes on stage with 5 minutes to get on stage and 5 minutes to get off the stage. As you will know our instruments are large and it takes at least 20 minutes just to set up for a small group and the same to remove the instruments. Plus, as Sutton do not pay for those taking part, we had put ourselves forward as buskers in order to raise some much needed funding for the Melodians. The amount raised from 20 minutes of playing would be very unlikely to cover the costs of hiring a van for the weekend and paying for fuel and any other costs.  Apologies to all supporters but no alternative for us.

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