Author: Mary Noel

Christmas Concert 2021

The Melodians Christmas Concert took place on Saturday 11th of December at Henry Cavendish School in Balham where they are based. Roger Broad, Mike Fuller and Ansel Wong CBE were all able to attend as honoured guests.

The event went very well and awards were presented at the end of the event. A few photos are included here.

I hope to be able to post a recording of one of the pieces played by the Melodians when they have been finalised.


A few photos taken while we were waiting for the Concert to start. As you will know it rained/drizzled a bit on the day but most of the guests still came and it all went very well. The Mayor gave her speech after the event and also posted her thank you on Twitter. The video of the concert will be posted once it is available. Thanks to Alexandra Hardy and her husband who also came.

And a few photos from the concert. The Melodians were protected from the weather in ‘The Shed’.

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