Melodians Magic – released in 2014
  • EXCERPTS FROM ‘ROMANCE’, SYMPHONY NO 5 IN D, 3RD MOVEMENT, Ralph Vaughan Williams (arr. Anne Hornby)
  • VOODOO RAY, A Guy Called Gerald (arr. Robert London)
  • THE MAN WHO SOLD THE WORLD, David Bowie (arr. Amy Daniel)
  • MEDLEY: GREENSLEEVES /IT WAS A LOVER AND HIS LASS, Traditional (arr. Anne Hornby)
  • ALL NIGHT LONG, Lionel Richie (arr. Tamla Batra)
  • MAS QUE NADA, Jorge Ben (arr. Steve Allen)
  • GET LUCKY, Daft Punk (arr. Robert London)
  • BEATLES MEDLEY: YESTERDAY / HEY JUDE, Lennon / McCartney (arr. Matthew Atkinson)
  • BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY, Freddie Mercury (arr. Amy Daniel)
  • BACK AH YARD, Robert Thompson (arr. Robert Thompson)
  • AUTUMN LEAVES, Joseph Kosma / Jacque Prévert (arr. Robert Thompson)
  • RASPUTIN, Boney M (arr. Paul Dowie)
PAN Y2K – released in 2000
  • TROPICAL MONSOON(Chutney Style), Composed and Arranged by Mikey Andrews
  • PAN Y2K– Composed by Robert (Robbie) Thompson, Arranged by Robert Thompson and Steve Allen
  • HUMMING BIRD, Composed by Robert (Robbie) Thompson
The BT Melodians Steel Orchestra UK Live at Hertfordshire University – released in 1998
  • SABRE DANCE, Khachaturian, Arranged by the late Dr Tom Chatburn
  • THE BULL, Kitchener, Arranged by the late Dr Tom Chatburn
  • HUMMING BIRD, Composed and Arranged by Robert (Robbie) Thompson
  • CANDLE IN THE WIND, Elton John/Taupin, Arranged by the late Dr Tom Chatburn
  • THE POWER OF LOVE, De Rouge/Mende/Rush/Applegate, Arranged by the late Dr Tom Chatburn
  • INTERMEZZO FROM KARELIA, Sibelius, Arranged by the late Dr Tom Chatburn
  • PASTORAL, Handel, Arranged by the late Dr Tom Chatburn
  • WIND BENEATH MY WINGS, Henley/Silbar, Arranged by the late Paul Campbell
  • EXCERPTS FROM SWAN LAKE, Tchaikovsky, Arranged by Matthew Atkinson
  • GUITAR PANS, Kitchener, Arranged by Matthew Atkinson
  • TAKE FIVE, Paul Desmond, Arranged by Tamla Batra
  • MY HEART WILL GO ON, Horner/Jennings, Arranged by Allison Brice
  • RASPUTIN, Boney M, Arranged by Paul Dowie