Christmas Concert is postponed until Easter

To all our supporters, I just wanted to let you all know that due to the latest lockdown we are no longer able to rehearse at Henry Cavendish School. That means that we cannot finish preparing for the Christmas Concert and, very reluctantly, have to cancel it. We are devastated as we have been working very hard towards this but the lockdown comes at just the wrong time for us.

Instead we plan on returning to rehearsals after Christmas and prepare for an Easter Concert. Hopefully, everything will be better by then and we can complete our rehearsals. Many apologies to those who were planning on coming to the Christmas Concert.

In case you would like to listen to one of our previous recordings I include a recording from our 30th Anniversary for you to play. This is Tropical Monsoon.

Christmas Concert

You will all know that every year we have a Christmas Concert in December. This year is an exceptional year so our plans require a ‘Plan B’ in case we are unable to have our usual Concert. So the current situation is:

We plan on having our concert on Saturday 12th December in the main hall at Henry Cavendish School starting at 8pm. There will be fewer guests and the arrangements will ensure that everyone can be socially distanced. Here is a photo from last year:

However, if restrictions at the time do not allow it we will have our plan B. We plan on recording the music in advance of the concert so that we can publish a ‘virtual concert’ instead. This will be published on 12th December if we are unable to continue with the live concert.

Latest News

Just to let everyone know that the Making Music Awards were announced on the 8th September in an on-line event via Zoom. We had submitted entries for 2 of the Awards – Best Music Creator and Best Photo Capturing the Spirit of a Leisure-time Music Group.

We had been advised that Errol Lewis had a Special Mention for Señor Panman in the Best Music Creator category but was not in the final 3 so had not won the award. However, the photograph we submitted was taken at the Family Commonwealth Day at Westminster Abbey and was in the final 3 so we were feeling hopeful.

However, all 3 photos that were in the final were fantastic and unfortunately we did not win the award. They did mention how much they liked our photograph though.

We are also planning on having our Annual Award Concert on Saturday 12th December this year. This will take extra planning to ensure that everyone is safe and socially distanced. We will give more details closer to the time.

Making Music Awards 2020

We recently submitted our entries for the Making Music Awards 2020. The final results will be published as part of an online celebratory evening of musical creativity on Tuesday 8 September between 7.15 and 8.10pm. This is open to the public to view.

However, we can tell you that we submitted 2 items:

1. A new piece of music called Señor Panman and composed by Errol Lewis of Trinidad for the MelodiansUK was submitted for “Best Music Creator”. You can see our performance of the tune at Art Night 2019 on YouTube here

2. A photo “capturing the spirit of a leisure-time music group” The photo that we chose was taken at the Commonwealth Family Day at Westminster Abbey

We don’t yet know the results ourselves, however, we do know that Señor Panman by Errol Lewis was given a Special Mention by the panel but is not in the top three.

However, we are very excited to have been told that the photo above is in the final 3 and we will be watching the event on-line to see the result.


Pleased to tell everyone that we started rehearsals on Thursday this week. We are learning a new tune ready for this years Christmas Concert and any live events that may happen.

More information to follow.

Covid 19

Our best wishes go out to all our supporters and we hope that everyone is well and coping with the current situation regarding Covid 19.

Unfortunately, we are not able to rehearse at the moment, as we are based in a school and are currently not able to access the school. Also, we were due to visit Oslo in June to play at the British Embassy for the Queen’s Birthday Party . Unfortunately, this has been postponed until next year.

We have other engagements booked that have not yet been postponed or cancelled so we are hoping that these will still go ahead at some time this year although the dates may change. Here are a few photos from our last engagement at Westminster Abbey in March.

An Observance for Commonwealth Day 2020 was held at Westminster Abbey, London, in the presence of HM The Queen and other members of the Royal family including the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and The Duke and Duchess of Sussex. The service was led by The Dean of Westminster, The Very Reverend Dr David Hoyle.

The Melodians Steel Orchestra play ‘Commonwealth Melody’. An Observance for Commonwealth Day 2020 was held at Westminster Abbey, London, in the presence of HM The Queen and other members of the Royal family including the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and The Duke and Duchess of Sussex. The service was led by The Dean of Westminster, The Very Reverend Dr David Hoyle.
Terry Noel talking to Craig David at the After Show party.


You will all know about the Coronavirus and the new rules and laws that have been put in place to protect everyone and ensure that infections are kept to a minimum. Unfortunately, this has had implications for the Melodians also.

The school where we rehearse is only open now for children of essential workers. We cannot now enter the school and carry out our rehearsals.

Also, our performance at the British Embassy in Oslo, Norway, due to take place in June this year, has been postponed until next year.

We understand the need for all of this and look forward to the time when the Coronavirus is under control and everyone is protected. In the meantime we hope all our supporters are well and will be able to care for their family and themselves in these difficult circumstances. Our love goes out to you all.

Commonwealth Melody

The Melodians Steel Orchestra UK played at the Commonwealth Day Service in Westminster Abbey on 9th March 2020. They played a tune called Commonwealth Melody written for the Melodians by Robert Thompson of Arima, Trinidad and Tobago. There were many people at the ceremony from Trinidad and Tobago and they all enjoyed the tune from their home country. Her Majesty the Queen and many other members of the Royal family were there to be part of the service they all enjoyed the Melodians performance.

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