Art Night 2018

Video from Art Night 2018 on 7th July where Melodians collaborated with the artist Jeremy Deller to become an ‘Art Installation’ in Battersea by performing a single piece of music continuously for the entire evening from 6pm until 1am the next day (with just a 1 hour break for dinner).  By my calculation around 50 performances.

It might have been difficult, but as the visitors to the event came and went each performance was fully appreciated and the Melodians put all their experience and enthusiasm into the event.

Visit to Minsk, Belarus

Photos from a very busy 3 days in Minsk, Belarus

Foreign Secretary Annual Garden Party 12th June

The Melodians were invited to play at the Foreign Secretary’s Annual Garden Party on 12th June.  They were delighted to accept (even though they were flying out to Belarus the next day) and arrived at Lancaster House for the evening event.

Everything went well and they also met a few celebrities at the event.  Here are a few photos from the evening.

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Thank you letter from Foreign and Commonwealth Office

It’s always lovely to receive a thank you for an engagement we have played at, especially high profile ones. Received from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office for playing at the reception and dinner as part of the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting on 19th April.

FCO Thank you letter