Art Night 2019 22nd June

Just wanted to let everyone know that we will be playing in the Art Night 2019 Open Programme on 22nd June 3 spots of 30, 40 and 30 minutes between 5pm and 10pm in Pancras Square, Kings Cross. The theme will be:

Hope, Love and The Future

This live music performance is a selection of tunes from the 1980s and 1990s that brings memories and thoughts of Love, Hope and the Future in a full range of genres from Latin, Pop, Jazz, Rock, Calypso and Acid House. From Queen’s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ to Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah’, each piece is a classic of the era specially arranged for the Melodians, giving the audience a glimpse into the world of steel band music.

The Melodians Steel Orchestra UK, founded by Terry Noel MBE JP in 1987, is based at the Henry Cavendish Primary School in Balham and has a membership of 33 male and female Melodians. Steel pans originated in Trinidad and each instrument is made from one or more 45 gallon oil drum in a lengthy process that requires sinking, grooving, cutting, ponging and tempering, before the final tuning. The many different instruments provide the full range of an orchestra from the tenors, small pans with the range of a violin, to the basses created from 6 full size oil drums.

2018 A very exciting year for Melodians

We have just updated the website to give you a more detailed view of our 2018 year.  It was very busy and you will see some interesting photos and videos.  Hope you enjoy them.

Now looking forward to the rest of 2019 and lots of possible exciting events but none fully confirmed yet.  Watch this space.

Desert Island Discs BBC Radio 4 6th January

I hope you all managed to listen to Jeremy Deller on Desert Island Discs today at 11.15.  It was a very interesting insight into Jeremy Deller’s life and work.  If you weren’t able to listen to it then it is available on-line and will also be repeated on BBC Radio 4 Friday 11th January at 9.00am.  Here is a recording of our rehearsal of Hallelujah (which was one of Jeremy’s selections) with Jeremy Deller at the rehearsal with us.

Desert Island Discs Sunday 6th January Radio 4

Just to let you know that Jeremy Deller will be on Desert Island Discs, BBC Radio 4, Sunday 6th January at 11.15am.  As we have collaborated with Jeremy on 3 different projects we anticipate getting a mention and some of our music may be played (can say no more).

Jeremy and the Melodians at Art Night 2018 in Battersea on 7th July

We will all be glued to the radio although the programme will also be available shortly afterwards on-line.  It will also be repeated on Friday 11th January at 09.00.

On radio

Next Sunday 11:15

Official Video from Isa Arfen Cat Walk Show

We were delighted to receive the official video from the Isa Arfen Cat Walk Show on 20th February 2018 with the Melodians playing Voodoo Ray in the background.  A great piece of music and a fabulous opportunity to play at London Fashion Week.  Many thanks to Serafina Sama the designer.



Performance on Sutton High Street 24th November

I regret to inform those that planned on coming to hear us play at the Sutton event on the 24th November that we will not be able to play. Sutton have just told us that we have been allocated 20 minutes on stage with 5 minutes to get on stage and 5 minutes to get off the stage. As you will know our instruments are large and it takes at least 20 minutes just to set up for a small group and the same to remove the instruments. Plus, as Sutton do not pay for those taking part, we had put ourselves forward as buskers in order to raise some much needed funding for the Melodians. The amount raised from 20 minutes of playing would be very unlikely to cover the costs of hiring a van for the weekend and paying for fuel and any other costs.  Apologies to all supporters but no alternative for us.