Bandstand Concert in Myatt’s Field Brixton on 29th August

To the delight of local residents 20 of the Melodians went to Myatt’s Field in Brixton on Saturday 29th August to give a free Bandstand Concert.  It was very quiet there but gradually more people gathered around the band and enjoyed the event.  There were a lot of children and families enjoying the park and the unexpected entertainment. We even got a lot of interest from dogs there for an afternoon walk! A few comments:

“We just came over for a quick coffee and then you all arrived.  It’s wonderful.”

“It’s lovely.  Thank you so much.”

“I saw it on the email that came round but didn’t realise it would be as good as this.  Fantastic!”

Unfortunately the wet weather did beat us eventually and we had to stop slightly early but still got a great round of applause.

To see a few recordings from the day follow this link.