Melodians Summer Concert 19th June 2021

The invitations have now been sent out for those invited to our Summer Concert on 19th June. We hope that there are no sudden changes to Covid Restrictions and this event can go ahead.

As part of the concert we will be performing a new piece of music called ‘Recovery Rhythm’ which was composed to highlight the effect that Covid 19 has had on our lives over the past year.

We will also have a surprise guest performer – the Calypsonian D’Alberto – to add a bit of extra interest for everyone.

Apologies but due to Social Distancing requirements the number of guests will be a bit smaller than usual.

The event is supported using public funding by Arts Council England.

Photo from last concert in 2019

Photo from Christmas Concert 2019

Rehearsals are progressing

It was rehearsal again this afternoon (see photo). We were working hard on our new ‘Recovery Rhythm’ composition which will be the highlight of our concert planned for late June this year.

We were surprised when a lady popped in from the street and said she had heard us playing and it sounded absolutely wonderful. We were delighted that she liked it so much and especially that she came in to tell us!

We don’t have her name but if you are reading this now then thank you very much.


The Duke of Edinburgh died today

We are all sad to hear that Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh, died today. Our thoughts are with Her Majesty The Queen and the rest of the Royal Family for their loss.

We have played for the Royal Family at many events over the past 33 years and met the Duke of Edinburgh on many occasions. Each occasion stays in your memory forever.

I include a photo taken in Westminster Abbey, at the most recent event where we played for the Duke of Edinburgh. As you can see he was very interested in the logo on Terry Noel’s Polo Shirt and Terry had to explain it is the Melodians Steel Orchestra’s logo.

Duke of Edinburgh wants to know whose logo is on Terry Noel’s Polo Shirt
The Melodians played outside Westminster Abbey as the guests arrived for the Commonwealth Day service in 2016

Memories from Venice

Every now and then it is great to look back at key events from the past. One of our biggest events was recording music and songs for the artist Jeremy Deller. He directed the recording at Abbey Road Studios and we were surprised to find ourselves shown in a video that was on display at the Venice International Art Biennale in 2013 where Jeremy was the artist in charge of the British Display. Listen, watch and enjoy the video.

Outside the British display in Venice.

Christmas Concert is postponed until Easter

To all our supporters, I just wanted to let you all know that due to the latest lockdown we are no longer able to rehearse at Henry Cavendish School. That means that we cannot finish preparing for the Christmas Concert and, very reluctantly, have to cancel it. We are devastated as we have been working very hard towards this but the lockdown comes at just the wrong time for us.

Instead we plan on returning to rehearsals after Christmas and prepare for an Easter Concert. Hopefully, everything will be better by then and we can complete our rehearsals. Many apologies to those who were planning on coming to the Christmas Concert.

In case you would like to listen to one of our previous recordings I include a recording from our 30th Anniversary for you to play. This is Tropical Monsoon.

Christmas Concert

You will all know that every year we have a Christmas Concert in December. This year is an exceptional year so our plans require a ‘Plan B’ in case we are unable to have our usual Concert. So the current situation is:

We plan on having our concert on Saturday 12th December in the main hall at Henry Cavendish School starting at 8pm. There will be fewer guests and the arrangements will ensure that everyone can be socially distanced. Here is a photo from last year:

However, if restrictions at the time do not allow it we will have our plan B. We plan on recording the music in advance of the concert so that we can publish a ‘virtual concert’ instead. This will be published on 12th December if we are unable to continue with the live concert.

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