Author: Matt Harmon

Foreign Secretary Annual Garden Party 12th June

Remember this event last year?

The Melodians were invited to play at the Foreign Secretary’s Annual Garden Party on 12th June.  They were delighted to accept (even though they were flying out to Belarus the next day) and arrived at Lancaster House for the evening event.

Everything went well and they also met a few celebrities at the event.  Here are a few photos from the evening.

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The Melodians at Abbey Road Studios 13th March 2013

The Melodians at Abbey Road Studios, March 18 2013

We were given the opportunity by Jeremy Deller (the 2004 Turner Prize winner) to record the soundtrack for his film ‘English Magic’ at the Abbey Road Studios.  We recorded three pieces of music 

·         Excerpts from Symphony in D minor by Vaughn Williams

·         The Man Who Sold the World by David Bowie and

·         Voodoo Ray by A Guy called Gerald.

We had our photo taken with Jeremy Deller on the famous Abbey Road crossing.  There was a camera crew recording the event and taking photos which we discovered later was incorporated into the film ‘English Magic’ shown at the Biennale.  (Photos at the Abbey Road studios and on the crossing are in the News Feed already.)



Pedestrian Crossing
Following the steps of the Beatles on the famous crossing on Abbey Road in London