The Melodians Played at the Commonwealth Day Service at Westminster Abbey on Monday 14th March

The Melodians Steel Orchestra  played at Westminster Abbey on a chilly day as guests arrived for the Commonwealth Day Service. The players, helpers and parents of the younger children were able to attend the service in the Abbey which was televised live on BBC1. HM the Queen and many of the Royal family were at the service and Terry Noel (leader of the Melodians) was invited to meet the Queen and other members of the Royal family as they left the Abbey.

The recording of the service can be seen on the BBC iPlayer on this link. You can catch the Melodians playing right at the beginning of the recording behind the presenter Mishal Husain:

Among the 7 pieces that the Melodians played was one of their new pieces of music ‘Colour Blind’ that was composed for them by Robert Thompson of Arima, Trinidad. You can hear a recording from the day on this link:


Melodians at Westminster Abbey (1280x900)

The Melodians outside Westminster Abbey on Commonwealth Day


The Melodians playing outside the Abbey as guests arrive



Prince Philip inspects the Melodians’ logo on Terry Noel’s uniform.