April Spring Friendship Festival in Pyongyang, North Korea 2004

Among our A to Z of countries visited, the most unusual country is probably North Korea.  In 2004, a small group of 6 were invited to perform at the April Spring Friendship Festival in Pyongyang.  This is a video of the Melodians performance at the concert and includes ‘Song of Dear Home’ composed by The Great Leader learnt especially for the event, followed by Danny Boy and Tropical Monsoon composed for the Melodians by the late Mikey Andrews.

Memory from 1990 visit to Russia

In preparation for our 30th Anniversary concert we have been going through our old VHS recordings.  This is from our first overseas trip which was to Russia (Daghestan area).  This was our performance of Lezginka which was received with tremendous applause.  Hope you enjoy it!

Lovely Thank You Note from Royal Academy of Arts

We received a lovely thank you note from the Royal Academy of Arts for playing at their Celebration of Summer Exhibition in Piccadilly:

“Huge thanks to you and the band for playing at the Non-Members Varnishing Day today.

You played absolutely beautifully and everyone enjoyed your fabulous repertoire. We really appreciate you coming all the way into central London and hope you enjoyed the event too.

Many thanks again.”

You can also hear a ‘very brief’ snatch of our playing at the opening of the event on the BBC World Service programme:


We are playing between 23 and 24 minutes of the programme.